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Recommended films about orcas

So I’d like to make a list of all the orca documentaries I see that I would recommend people to watch, or watch again myself. This is also an easy way for me to track which ones I’ve seen so I don’t see them again. 

  • Blackfish
  • When Killer Whales Attack
  • Realm of the Killer Whales
  • Call of the Killer Whale
  • The Whale
  • BBC Wildlife: Killer Whale
  • National Geographic: Killer Whales of the Fjord
  • Keiko’s Journey Home
  • Free Willy (yes I know it’s not a documentary, but watch it god damn it!)

Most of these can be found on Youtube or Netflix, or other streaming sites. There’s also several small documentaries on Youtube that aren’t going under the proper names, so I won’t write those down until I do some more digging. I suggest anyone who has an interest in learning more about killer whales check out at least a few documentaries, as most of them are very good. 

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